Private Practice Paperwork

Made Easy

Avoid legal issues with affordable, customizable, and ready to use forms at your fingertips!

Private Practice Paperwork

Made Easy

Avoid legal issues with affordable, customizable, and ready to use forms at your fingertips!

Save Time, Money, & Avoid Legal Issues…

Knowing you need legal, ethical and competent paperwork is overwhelming, time consuming and expensive! We’re clinicians, not lawyers.

Don’t put your dream practice on hold by wasting time, energy and money creating your paperwork from scratch and having attorneys review it.

We’ve been there, we get it, and…

We did all the grunt work for you. We scoured through the laws and ethics, put in the 100+ hours of work and paid thousands of dollars in attorney fees so you don’t have to!

Let us help you have peace of mind with Attorney Approved Private Practice paperwork that meets the legal and ethical standards.


We recently upgraded our forms to make the customization process quick and super simple with our Paperwork Document Generator.




All you need to do is enter your specific practice details into the Pre-Filled Paperwork Form Generator and it will pre-populate into the documents, which will be sent straight to your email so you can start using today!

Update Your Forms in LESS Than 30 Minutes
with 4 Easy Steps…

1)  Click the link to purchase and then check your email for next steps.

2)  Use the Pre-Filled Form Generator to populate your specific practice details.

3)  Check your email and download the forms to your computer.

4)  Save as a PDF and start using with your clients TODAY!

What’s Included in the Paperwork Package?

The Peak Package is our most comprehensive paperwork package including 20+ forms so you never have to worry about paperwork again! All forms are fully customizable with your practice details and delivered instantaneously via email in Word format making them easy to update.

​The Attorney Approved Private Practice Paperwork has been reviewed by 3 Family Law Attorneys and 1 Health Care Law Attorney ensuring it meets the highest legal and ethical standards. Purchase the Peak Package, download the forms, customize them with your practice details, and start using them today!

  1. Assignments of Insurance Benefits
  2. Biopsychosocial Intake and Client Information Forms for Adults
  3. Biopsychosocial Intake and Client Information Forms for Minors
  4. Collection Letter
  5. Consent, Policies & Agreement for Insurance and Self-Pay Practices
  6. Discharge/Termination Summary
  7. Documentation/Communication Form
  8. Email Confidentiality Form Template
  9. Group Counseling Consent
  10. HIPAA
  11. Letter of Progress
  12. Media Consent Form
  13. Mental Status Exam and Diagnosis Form
  14. Process/Progress Note Template
  15. Psychological Evaluation & Testing Consent
  16. Release of Information
  17. Sliding Scale Agreement
  18. Substance Abuse Intake Assessment
  19. Suicide Risk Assessment & Client Treatment Compliance Agreement
  20. Superbill Template
  21. Technology Assisted Counseling Consent
  22. Treatment Plan
  23. Welcome Letter

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Bonus #1: Client Converting Call Script
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Bonus #2: Online Course – “Tips for TAC: Essentials for Your Online Counseling Consent”
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Check Out Our Rave Reviews!

“The paperwork package is a MUST HAVE for anyone in private practice. I have the Peak Package and it’s amazing! I don’t have to worry about getting sued. I recommend it for all of my badass tribe members.”
~Laura Long, LMFT of Your Badass Therapy Practice

It’s amazing how much more PROFESSIONAL my business became as a result of having the right paperwork. I became more CONFIDENT in private practice. What I purchased was WORTH EVERY DOLLAR

~Mathew Jean, LMFT of Beach Stone Counseling

“This paperwork is a NO BRAINER! It’s a GREAT investment in my practice. It really was a life (and sanity) saver!”

~Yolanda Harper, LCSW of Harper Therapy

“The paperwork packet ROCKED MY WORLD by making life EASIER and streamlining the process of ensuring it was all covered. Thanks for the AWESOME work!”

~Katie May of Creative Healing & Become a Group Guru

“Purchased the paperwork package and it greatly helped me in starting and growing my practice! Great tool for my interns to review frequently used documents in private practice”

~Jermaine Wall, LCSW of Crescent Counseling Services

Common Paperwork Questions:

Q: How do I access my paperwork? What is all the hype with the NEW Paperwork Document Generator?

A: You get access to the platform that houses your paperwork + the Paperwork Document Generator.

The Paperwork Document Generator saves you a ton of time!  By pre-filling the MOST common areas on the forms (i.e. name, credentials, practice name, address, etc…), the Paperwork Document Generator pre-populates your information into all forms.  Once you’re finished, it emails you all of the documents in Word format so you can start using them right away.

Q: Can I use these documents with my EHR?

A:  Many of the EHR’s allow for our paperwork to be uploaded to their platform (check with your specific EHR on how to do that).  For example, TherapyNotes combined with allows you to create PDF forms that are fillable so you can easily upload them into the platform.

Q: "What forms do I need for an initial session?"

A: All the forms in the BASE PACKAGE that you are about to purchase!  All clients must complete HIPAA; Therapy Consent, Policies and Agreements; and the Biopsychosocial forms (at minimum).

If you take insurance, clients also need to complete the Assignment of Insurance Benefits; Mental Status Exam and Diagnosis form; and the Treatment Plan (although doing a Treatment Plan is recommended for best practices).

Q: "What happens with the paperwork when there are updates to the laws and ethics?"

A:  When there are changes to the laws and ethics, we send out updated forms via email letting you know the updates and what has changed.  Of course, we all need to assure we are doing our own due diligence when it comes to updates in the field, but we love helping you along.

Q: Do you offer assistance if we need help with the paperwork? Do you charge for that?

A: This is a great question… “yes” of course we are here to answer any questions you have about the paperwork for FREE!

Q: Does the Therapy Consent, Policies, and Agreements cover policies on social media, collections, cancellations, secret-keeping for couples, what to do in case of emergencies, and more?

A: Yes, it covers all those topics and more!  The consent is 8 pages long. Don’t forget, since each therapist’s practice is different, you can customize it to your practice specifications.

Q: Are these forms good for someone who wants to start a private practice, but isn’t quite there yet?

A: Yes, yes, and yes – 110%.  If you’re IN private practice or PREPARING to be in private practice, you need paperwork that meets the legal and ethical standards for our profession.

Want to know something cool?  We often hear that shortly after people purchase the paperwork, they get a new client.  It’s like saying, “I am ready!”

Q: Does the paperwork cover all designations like psychologists, marriage and family therapists, mental health counselors, etc?

A: Yes, we cross-referenced the paperwork across all the designations to ensure it meets the highest standards of the profession.

Q: I only need a few forms, do you sell them individually?

A: Yes, visit our A La Carte Paperwork page for all of the attorney approved private practice paperwork forms. Pick the specific forms you need and update them with your practice specifications so you can start using them today!

Q: Do your forms come translated into different languages?

A: No, at this time our forms are not translated into any different languages. However, you could purchase them and have them translated into whatever language you need! We’ve done the hard part with creating them and having them reviewed by attornies.

Q: I am in need of business paperwork too. Is that something that you offer?

A: Yes, you’re in luck! We have Business Paperwork too. Want to grow your practice, offer podcasts, hire independent contractors, or a virtual assistant?  Save time with pre-made business forms and protect yourself and your practice.

Q: I am a supervisor. Do you offer supervision paperwork that I can use for my supervisees?

A: Yes, we do! If you’re supervising Psychologists or Mental Health Professionals, but don’t want to waste time and energy creating paperwork from scratch, we’ve got you covered with our Supervision Paperwork!

Q: I have another question that's not listed above, how can I ask it?

A: If you have a specific question that isn’t answered above, email us at and we’re happy to answer it!

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