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Without legal and ethical paperwork, your private practice is wide open to legal risk and the possibility of getting sued!

The private practice you poured your heart and soul into can be gone in an instant.

You know you need paperwork that meets the legal and ethical standards of our profession.

You’ve been avoiding it like the plague, since creating paperwork from scratch is completely overwhelming, time-consuming, and expensive! Let’s face it, attorney fees are high!

And… we’re clinicians, not lawyers.

When we started our private practices over a decade ago, we were “gifted” hand me down paperwork. At the time, we were so grateful until we realized that our paperwork was full of holes, leaving us wide open to a ton of legal issues! Eeekkk!

Does this story sound all too familiar???


Maybe you scoured the internet for forms that you thought were legit. Then, you combined them with samples of paperwork from agencies you worked at and put them together like a nice patchwork quilt.

Let’s be real… you know it’s not your best work. You’ve been crossing your fingers hoping it would suffice, but deep down you’re feeling anxious knowing it doesn’t, and you’re at risk.

We get it! We’ve heard all the stories, so…

We made it our personal mission to ensure therapists have peace of mind when it comes to their paperwork.

Truth be told, we geeked out (and still do) spending 100+ hours studying all the laws, rules, and ethics. We also paid thousands of dollars in attorney fees so you don’t have to AND…

We want to share what we learned with YOU!!!

In This Online Course You’ll…

  • Feel more confident knowing what paperwork you need
  • Sleep better at night knowing how to protect yourself legally and ethically
  • Learn the ESSENTIALS you NEED to have in your consent
  • Understand how paperwork enhances your business and clinical practice

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They both built their 6-Figure private practices in less than 2 years from the ground up and inspire other ambitious mental health professionals to brand themselves, grow their dream private practices, and live into their dream lifestyles.  They have a hunger for business, branding, and marketing.  

They love helping private practitioners work with the clients they love, profit more in business, and create the freedom to truly enjoy a lifestyle business.  

Kate is a food and wine aficionado who loves to travel and create new memories with her family.  She also loves the beach, pilates, riding horses, concerts, and of course the occasional “retail therapy”.

Thanks to Kate, Katie is a wine snob in the making.  Katie is an avid pitbull lover and has 2 of her own, she loves travel, new and fun adventures, reading, the ID channel, Halloween, sparkles, taking pictures, random silly things, family time and taking time to just be.  

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