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Only $37

Regular $109 (65% OFF!)

What Exactly Do You Get?

Consent, Policies & Agreement for Insurance and Self-Pay Private Practices


Includes limits to confidentiality such as child abuse, vulnearable adult abuse, harm to self and others, victim of a crime, law enforcement and public health, upon death of a therapist, and more. It also covers electronic communication, social media, dual relationships & public interactions, court orders, legally issued subpoenas, couples counseling and “no secrets policy”, and fee/credit card disputes.

Therapeutic Process

Includes risks & benefits, expectations, structure and length of therapy, phone, and emergency policy.


Includes explanation for the reasons for accepting insurance or not accepting insurance based on the structure of your practice.

Emergency Procedures

Includes procedures to follow and who to contact in case of emergency for both therapist or client.

Fee Structure

Includes script explaining the fee structure for different services, types of payment accepted, cancellation policy, fee structure including trial and litigation, copies of medical records, fees for communication in between session and travel time if providing in home sessions


Includes a script for consent for adult and minor clients and a place for all parties to sign. 

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“The paperwork package is a MUST HAVE for anyone in private practice. I have the Peak Package and it’s AMAZING. I don’t ever have to worry about getting sued. I recommend it for all of my badass tribe members.”

Melanie Taylor

LPCof Healing Tree Therapy

I’m LOVING the paperwork I purchased!! I cannot believe all the forms that were there and how in depth they were!! I’ll be shouting from the rooftops, because EVERY clinician needs to have these in their private practice. Love you guys️️️!

Mathew Jeanius,

LMFT of Beach Stone Counseling

“It’s amazing how much more PROFESSIONAL my business became as a result of having the right paperwork. I became more CONFIDENT in private practice. What I purchased was WORTH EVERY DOLLAR.”

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